Work with us

Work with us
The best place to work.
If you are looking for an exciting working environment that is constantly innovating, with personalized learning, and passion pathways, Colegio Ingles de Torreon is the place for you.
This is a collaborative school where teachers, administrators, and parents work together for the good of the student body. Also, we encourage and support professional development that enhances lifelong learning for all faculty and staff.
Looking to teach in Mexico?
Colegio Ingles de Torreon is searching for native English speaking teachers, who are willing to work and learn Spanish in México. Opportunities are offered to those who want to teach English.
About our city
Torreón is a modern industrial city located in the north of México in the state of Coahuila, just south of Texas. Our population is over 900,000. We have dry weather and very little rain. We could say that there are just two seasons here: summer and some days of mild winter. The sun shines almost the whole year. Our temperatures range from 25ºC to 40ºC in the summer and from 15ºC to -3ºC in the winter.
Not many believe us when we advise bringing warm clothes for our colder winter days, so make sure to bring warm clothes for our colder winter days, so make sure to pack some!

If you are interested in applying for a position, please fill the application form below. Optionally, you can contact us via email or by phone.