High School

Grades 10 -12

100% Multilingual Campus (English, Spanish, French). We offer the best education through a learning community, the highest standards of academic excellence customized by your interests and skills while developing a strong national identity and an international perspective which will allow you to attend the best universities.

Our graduates will be able to:


  • Think analytically
  • Express themselves correctly both orally and in written form, in English and Spanish
  • Conduct themselves adequately and feel at ease in a multicultural and/or globalized atmosphere
  • Recognize their strengths and developing potential in order to make decisions
  • Interact and work with others in order to achieve objectives and goals
  • Use technology to better their lives
  • Find creative solutions to problems
  • Use Mathematics as a tool to solve daily life situations
  • Approach Science
  • Speak French as a third language
  • Create a project for their daily lives that will be nature-friendly
  • Motivate themselves to learn (develop intrinsic drive)
  • Live according to our values: honesty, respect, responsibility, hard work, order, tidiness, and generosity
  • Be a true patriot actively involved with their country

We offer an English Immersión Program for those students who want to acquire and improve their English skills. The program is designed for students to learn vocabulary, reading, writing, and oral English intensively. Students who perform according to School standards are able to enter our bilingual High School and get good results.

Our English Immersion Program includes Physical Education, IT, Art, and Career/Personal Orientation. The program also strengthens Math.