High School

Grades 10 -12
100% Multilingual Campus (English, Spanish, French). We offer the best education through a learning community, the highest standards of academic excellence customized by your interests and skills while developing a strong national identity and an international perspective which will allow you to attend the best universities.

Our graduates will be able to:


  • Think analytically
  • Express themselves correctly both orally and in written form, in English and Spanish
  • Conduct themselves adequately and feel at ease in a multicultural and or globalized atmosphere
  • Recognize their strengths and developing potential in order to make decisions
  • Interact and work with others in order to achieve objectives and goals
  • Use technology to better their lives
  • Find creative solutions to problems
  • Use Mathematics as a tool to solve daily life situations
  • Approach Science
  • Speak French as a third language
  • Create a project for their daily lives that will be nature-friendly
  • Motivate themselves to learn (develop intrinsic drive)
  • Live according to our values: honesty, respect, responsibility, hard work, order, tidiness, and generosity
  • Be a true patriot actively involved with their country